Truckload Services


Flatbed trailers come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types of cargo. They can carry a wide range of items, including heavy machinery, large equipment, construction materials, vehicles, and other bulky or odd-shaped loads. Flatbed trailers may also be used to transport standard cargo, such as palletized goods, if they cannot be loaded into a regular enclosed trailer due to their size or weight.

Dry Van

A dry van refers to a type of trailer used for transporting general freight that does not require any special handling or temperature control. A dry van trailer is typically enclosed and has a solid roof, sides, and rear door, providing protection from the elements and keeping the cargo secure during transport.


Step deck trailers are commonly used for transporting freight such as machinery, construction equipment, large vehicles, and other tall or bulky loads that cannot be transported on a standard flatbed trailer due to height restrictions. They can also be used to transport standard cargo that requires additional vertical clearance, such as tall stacks of pallets or large crates.

Refrigerated Trailer

A refrigerated trailer, also known as a "reefer" or "refrigerated container," is a specialized type of trailer or container used in logistics to transport perishable goods at specific temperatures. These trailers are equipped with an integrated cooling system that regulates the temperature inside the container. They can maintain a constant temperature range, depending on the needs of the cargo being transported.